Microsoft Corporation Retail Partner Service Exec in Tokyo, Japan

日本における法人市場・文教市場向けWindowsデバイスマーケティングマネージャーとして、OEMパートナー・チャネルパートナーと協業しながらマーケティング戦略立案・施策遂行をご担当頂きます。そしてエンドユーザーに向けたプロモーション(GTM)の企画・実施、パートナー各社に対するレディネスプログラム・共同マーケティングを社内の製品マーケティングチーム及びセールスチームと密に連携しながらドライブ頂きます。働き方改革や学生一人一台政策などなど多くのマーケティング機会を取り込みながら市場活性化を一緒に推進頂ける方をお待ちしています。 As a key advocate for the Windows 10 device business in your area, you’ll help the Consumer and Devices Sales Team achieve revenue and scorecard goals for Windows, Office, Server and related services. In partnerships with sales, you’ll drive commercial & consumer marketing campaign innovation for your local area, working with partners and segment teams to drive success.


Device Marketing Strategy (10%)

• Work with Windows Commercial Category to understand and apply their input and strategies to align partners and build effective Device Marketing plans.

• Collaborate with Regional Account Marketing Managers (RMMs) and sales to validate the all-up strategy and get feedback on specific implications for their region.

• Leverage existing internal (DMIT, Activation Data) and third-party survey reports (GFK, IDC, Gartner) to stay current on external market dynamics and gain market insights including market analysis on the device market at a worldwide level combined with data from sales teams and the MNA. Effective and Actionable Partner Marketing Account Planning (20%)

• Collaborate with key stakeholders e.g. Windows Commercial Category, and segments to best integrate input and resources from various channels into the plans and ensure that marketing investments from all Microsoft resources are considered.

• Customize campaigns for partner’s organization based on a deep understanding of the local market and partner business needs for mutual growth.

• Monitor execution and results of campaigns to determine effectiveness and adapt guidance and execution plans in order to optimize execution.

• Submit all marketing plans using corporate guidance and processes to ensure compliance and accountability. Partner Relationships (25%)

• Provide marketing leadership with partners, providing guidance on Microsoft branding and campaigns

• Be transparent with the partner and provide consistent, predictable and timely information on Microsoft’s marketing strategy and programs – what Microsoft is doing and where we are going to enable the partner to participate in all relevant programs.

• Deeply engage with key stakeholders, e.g. Windows Marketing, CCG, SMSP, EPG, Retail, etc.) to identify opportunities to highlight key partners and hero devices. Marketing Excellence in Execution (45%)

• Create joint value proposition and marketing materials to enable the sales teams and partners to amplify Microsoft’s device strategy and messaging.

• Identify key internal stakeholders to drive awareness and demand for the partner’s devices across segments and ensure that segment teams are capable of delivering the value prop for the hero devices for that segment.

• Adapt marketing materials created by WW Device Marketing and Windows Category/Marketing to use with partners to ensure the Windows messaging is emphasized in their campaigns.

• Conduct planning reviews on marketing campaigns, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) before the campaign begins, and includes setting expectations for data sharing and reviewing results together.

• Ensure the enforcement of compliance rules for the OEM team, and drive the same through training and in practice. Focus discretionary investments to drive sell-through of devices.


• Candidates must have at least 8-10 years of practical experience developing and driving partner and/or customer marketing (including focus on digital) strategy and execution

• Be able to effectively drive cross-group communication and cooperation, using strong communication, project management, and organizational skills

• Possess a personal passion for marketing, customer relationship marketing, technology, partners and satisfaction

• Excellent collaborator in driving leadership across partners, segments, Windows Marketing, field teams and corp teams

• Deep marketing thought leadership and knowledge of effective marketing strategies, tactics and portfolio investments to maximize return on marketing investment Deep ecosystem insight, including the competitor landscape, emerging trends, knowledge of partner business models, best-in-class marketing, the Microsoft Partner Network and overall growth opportunities

• Knowledge of OEM, SMB, Enterprise and/or Consumer marketing and selling approaches

• Ability to engage and influence at senior levels at Microsoft and partner Education

• Four Year college degree required – MBA preferred Language: Fluent in Japanese, Business Level in English Work location - Tokyo, Shinagawa Microsoft is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of race, gender, age, national origin, religion, marital status, veteran status, or sexual orientation.