Oracle Risk Management Analyst 4 in Nagoya, Japan

Risk Management Analyst 4

Preferred Qualifications

  • Analyze services proposals to assess project achievability and to ensure compliance with internal policies and controls. Work with bid teams to address deficiencies.

  • Monitor project delivery performance. Develop risk reduction measures and issue resolution strategies. Work may include customer-facing communication about sensitive and contentious subjects.

  • Monitor sales process. Design and implement bid and delivery quality improvement initiatives.

  • Internal reporting on business unit performance and policy compliance.

  • Participate in process and tool improvement initiatives.

  • Develop and deliver internal training courses, workshops and seminars.

  • One-on-one coaching of select bid managers.

  • Other activities.

The Risk Management Analyst’s work is often on the critical path of the sales process. Odd hours, weekend and holiday work are frequent. Work after 10 PM or before 5 AM, however, is rare.

What’s important?

  • Extensive, successful application implementation or technology services bid and project management experience.

  • Ability to set and manage customer expectations, prepare accurate work estimates and staffing plans, and write well-bounded scoping statements.

  • Ability to recognize and explain project delivery risks and recommend effective mitigations.

  • Ability to independently perform assigned work tasks promptly, to a very high standard of quality.

  • Appropriate attention to detail.

  • A customer service focus.

  • Tenacity.

  • Capable of quickly developing high quality, comprehensive work products without supervision and with minimal assistance.

  • A problem solver.

  • A self-starter.

  • Commitment to the global risk management organization mission.

  • Able to maintain objectivity under sales and business pressure, and provide consistent advice and reporting to stakeholders, regardless of the circumstances of an opportunity or delivery.

  • Ability to collaborate with sales and delivery organizations and with worldwide counterparts in the global risk management organization.

  • Commitment to serving our internal and external customers expeditiously.

  • Self-drive to complete all assigned work in line with the global risk management organization’s service agreement levels.

  • Sound business judgment.

  • Ability to communicate confidently and diplomatically with customer project managers and sponsors about sensitive and potentially contentious project issues.

  • Flexibility to learn and adapt rapidly to perform job functions at a high level of quality while remaining on the leading edge of frequent and sometimes dramatic organization, business, technology, and market changes.

In addition to Japanese, English is used almost daily. Candidates with weak English skills are welcome to apply. If selected for this position, however, they should seek to improve their English skills during employment.

  • サービス提案を分析し、プロジェクトの達成能力やポリシー、プロセスへの遵守を確認。Bid Teamと協業し問題へ対処する。

  • プロジェクト・デリバリー・パフォーマンスのモニタリング。リスク低減及び問題解決戦略の開発。重要な問題についてはお客様との対面コミュニケーションも作業に含まれる可能性あり

  • セールスプロセスのモニタリング。提案/サービス提供の品質向上戦略の設計/導入

  • ビジネスユニットのパフォーマンスとポリシー遵守状況の内部向けレポート作成

  • プロセスやツールの品質向上戦略への関与

  • 内部トレーニングコース、ワークショップ、セミナー開発および提供

  • 選抜されたBid ManagerへのOne-on-oneのコーチング

  • そのほかのアクティビティ


What's important?

  • アプリケーション導入、テクノロジーサービスの提案やプロジェクトマネージメントの幅広い経験

  • 顧客の期待値管理、正確な作業工数見積もりやスタッフプランの作成、明瞭な作業スコープ記述の能力。

  • プロジェクト・デリバリ・リスクの認識や説明、効果的な対応策を推奨する能力。

  • 割り当てられた作業を自主的に、迅速に、高い水準で実施する能力

  • 詳細な部分まで注意を払う能力

  • カスタマー・サービス・フォーカス

  • 粘り強さ

  • 最小限の支援により、指示を受けることなく、高品質な作業結果を迅速に出すことができる能力

  • 問題解決ができる人であること

  • 自発的に行動する人であること

  • Global Risk Managementのミッションへのコミットができること

  • オポチュニティやデリバリーという状況に関係なく、セールスやビジネスからのプレッシャーの中、客観性を保つことができる能力。ステークホルダーへの一貫したアドバイスとレポートを提供できる能力

  • セールスやデリバリー組織、ワールドワイドのGlobal Risk Managementのメンバーとの協力、協業する能力

  • 内外の顧客への迅速に対応することへのコミットメント

  • アサインされた仕事をGRMで定義されているサービス・アグリーメント・レベルで、順番に完了するように自己管理する能力

  • 適切なビジネス判断

  • お客様プロジェクトマネージャやスポンサーと、議論のすることの難しい重大なプロジェクト問題について自信をもってコミュニケーションできる能力。

  • 組織、ビジネス、テクノロジー、マーケットが頻繁かつ時に劇的に変化する状況の最先端で高い品質で作業を実施するために、迅速に学び、変化に適用する柔軟性


Detailed Description and Job Requirements

Determines and/or implements Corporate/local pricing policy.

As a member of Global Risk Management organization, you'll be responsible for review high complexity unsolicited bids, review high complexity solicited bids, lead global project or program reviews, participate in acquisition reviews, be an advisor for bid, project managers and Consulting. Cooperate with the development of programs, policies or tools, engage global bid reviews, generate/evaluate risk management statistics, conduct teaching (PDW, other).

Job duties are varied and complex, needing independent judgment. Strong written and verbal communication skill. Ability to work under tight deadlines. Self starter able to prioritize given responsibilities. 10 to 12 years of consulting or risk management experience. Ability to communicate effectively. Ability to work independently. Ability to work with systems and tools. Proficiency with two estimating method. Typically bachelor degree in Business or Engineering or equivalent. Desire post graduation and PMP certificate.

Job: Business Operations

Location: JP-JP,Japan-Tokyo

Other Locations: JP-JP,Japan-Osaka, JP-JP,Japan-Nagoya

Job Type: Regular Employee Hire

Organization: Oracle