Renesas Software development engineer for Li-Ion battery management in Kodaira-city, Japan

Title: Software development engineer for Li-Ion battery management

Company: Renesas Electronics Co., Ltd.

Country: JP

State: Tokyo

City: Kodaira-city

Department: Battery Management Solutions Department

Business Unit: Broad-based Solution Business Unit

Office: REL(Musashi)

Job Function: Software

Job Type: Permanent


Background of Recruitment

Recently, Li-Ion battery application in battery use application is increased. Renesas expands Li-Ion battery business through battery management IC and control FW development for Li-Ion battery application, but because of varios battery application, software development resource shortage is occurred. It is necessary to provide one-package solution, to develope high accurate battery management algorithm, and to accelarate tool development for bussiness expansion. We need engineers who can provide profit to our customer by solution development independently.


  1. Solution system development of Li-Ion battery application2. Embedded control software and algorithm development of Renesas Li-Ion battery management IC3. Software development for battery pack vendor and end-customer requirment

Required Skills and Work Experience


  1. Embedded software development technology of RL78 core MCU  Make a FW design specification based on system requirement2. Software development process experience - C language software development ability - MCU software development experience - Software development ability by specification in English


  • Knowledge for MCU and analog IC control - Language ability to discuss FW specification with oversea customer - Software development experience by C++, C#, Python etc - Project management experience

Required Language Skills


Able to understand conversation (TOEIC score of 600)


Business level